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The most modern way to take control of the demolition work!

These robotic machines provide the maximum demolition power in the smallest possible package. Electrically powered remote controlled, these machines can operate where there are stringent noise restrictions. They produce less dust, vibration and have zero emission than traditional methods. Safety Robotic Demolition inc. once again offers you a market leading service -no other equipment can deliver the size to power combination and flexibility. With our machines producing zero emissions, we are able fit to through man-doors where traditional machines may otherwise not be able to.

With the efficiency of our Brokk machines, Safety Robotic Demolition inc. is able to reduce costs & time on your demolition projects making us Southern Ontario`s #1 choice for Robotic Demolition service.

Common Uses

  • Barn Floors

  • Silos

  • Grain Bin Pades




Why Choose Robotic Demolition?

  • Emlimiate workers from falling hazards.

  • Facilitates selective demolition, in which a building’s exterior is left standing while the interior is gutted. Demolition robots are now small enough to fit through doorways and other interior obstacles.

  • Increase productivity through the use of interchangeable attachments and powerful hydraulic systems.

  • 4-6 times faster than traditional demlition methods.




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