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About Us

The Safe way to do Demolition!


Safety Robotic Demolition Inc. offers 20 years combined operating BROKK experience.


Safety Robotic Demolition's main objective is to eliminate worker injuries and increase productivity on the site. We have WSIB & liability Insurance.


With Robotic Demolition jobs can be performed in the fraction of time compared to traditional methods. We meet today’s strict timelines to minimize downtime for the construction industry. Other benefits include efficiency and safety of our Robotic Demolition. We, at Robotic Demolition perform Demolition jobs at least 6 to 8 times faster without the risks of personal injury involved with manual labour and hand-held tools. The compact size of a BROKK robot gives us the ability to manoeuvre in very small areas, the demolition robot can get into those areas which are very small and congested. For example our team at Robotic Demolition provide effective job performance in small/congested areas such as kilns, coolers, tanks, tile chests, incinerators, furnaces, and much more.



Dave Hendrickx

President & CEO of SRDinc.



Dave lives on a small working farm in Lambton-Shores, ON. Having worked for another company for 6 years using Brokk machines, Dave decided to start his own company.


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