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The most modern way to take control of the demolition work!


Safety Robotic Demoliton can manage residential demolition projects start to finish. SRDinc. is full service for residential projects, meaning we can demo existing concrete structures with little disturbance to the surrounding neighborhood and remove all debris.


Whether it's a patio, driveway, or your basement floor, SRDinc. can take care of the project start to finish. We are Southern Ontario's full service Robotic Demolition experts. 



Why Choose Robotic Demolition?

  • Keeps workers clear of falling hazards.

  • Minimizes the risk of worker exposure to asbestos and other hazardous construction materials.

  • Demolition robots are now small enough to fit through doorways and other interior and exterior obstacles.

  • Increase productivity through the use of interchangeable attachments and powerful hydraulic systems.

  • Less stress & strain on the worker.




Common Uses

  • Pool Demolition

  • Driveway Demolition

  • Basement Floor Demolition

  • Side Walk Demolition




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