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Safety Robotic Demolition boasts superior equipment, people and service.


Demolition in Minimal Spaces

The smalled demolition robot in the Brokk family is Brokk 60. Originally introduced to strip down tiles in old bathrooms. Brokk 60 is able to pass through 60cm wide doorways and is therefore the perfect machine wherever narrow openings have to be considered. It can be transported in a standard passenger elevator or even climb up and down ordinary stairways.


The low weight of Brokk 60 enables it to be used in most normal buildings, even on weak floor structures. Its small dimensions also allow it to operate in very confined spaces, such as bathrooms of only 3 sq m floor area.




True Demolition Versatility

Brokk 90 is one of the most versatile machines available on the market for demolition in confined spaces.

When demolishing in confined spaces, size does matter!


The Next Step in Demolition Versatility

This next generation Brokk offers 35 percent more hitting power, a more energy-effective engine, reduced weight and transport height, but with the same jaw-dropping versatility for demolition in restricted spaces. Well, actually even the versatility is improved.

In a confined space, size really does matter. The aim is to provide as much power and versatility as possible at the site, and the new Brokk 100 excels at this. Its compact design, easy operation, unparalleled stability, and powerful tools make itperfect for use in a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial environments. In particular where there are space constraints or load restrictions on floors, but maximum productivity is still needed.





BROKK 400d

The bigger, stronger and faster demolition robot, Brokk 400D.

This is yet another impressive step forward for diesel-driven demolition machines – perfect for heavy-duty demolition in places that lack power supply. It outperforms conventional excavators several times heavier with both its breaking power and the ability to get into tight spaces.





The Brokk 160 is another big leap forward when it comes to size / performance ratio. Stunningly strong. Surprisingly small. This light-weight, remote controlled demolition machine with a new, power packed electric motor is hard hitting (plus 410 joules at the tip).



Updated to a new high level, to cope with even greater demands within the demolition industry.

The Brokk 260 is a perfect all-round machine and the basic concept was developed in the mid 1970s. A powerful combination of reliable technology and continuous development are the basis of the precursor Brokk 250´s success around the world!





Attachments greatly expand our machine's efficiency and versatility. Here is our wide and ever-expanding range of Brokk attachments that will help get your job done.

TEI 160 rock drill
ER 50 drum cutter
ER 100 drum cutter 
CL 420 Crusher
CL 520 Crusher
SH 050 hyd shear



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